A collection of the fantastic graphic art and mechanical illustrations used in the legendary animated serles "Macross"(lncludlng the well known "valkyrie")are being released to the public in the first picture collectlon put together by the illustrator "Tenjin"...who is perhaps best known for his work appearing on the HASEGAWA model boxes, numerous DVD covers,and software game jackets,etc.as well as the "Macross Zero's scenery".
Now on Sale!! April, 2005
Price :4200 yen
Full-color, 136 Pages
Publisher: Kobunsha Publishing
The number of works is 113.

Mr.Tenjin,who has been doing artwork for years for Hasegawa -a name respected worldwide by collectors of plastic model alrcraft- has just released a book containing the best of his illustrations. Mr.Tenjin,known for his masterpiece model box illustrations , as well as his work wlth the animated cartoon series "MACROSS", has put together the new book presentlng a collectlon of his best MACROSS illustrations and prints, game packages and DVD jacket covers, as well as his promotional artwork for the game and model boxes that display his art. lt also includes drawings of his mechanical art as well as his most recent work with the animated cartoon series "Macross Zero", in which he was involved personally with a lot of the computer graphics, etc. lt is a collection that any aircraft buff or Macross fan would prize to own as it helps you to actually feel for yourself the world of fantasy which his masterful artwork has captured in print.

Nationality:Japanese Born ln Hyogo prefecture on October 13
After graduating from the Shibaura lnstltute of Technology's Department of System Engineering ( majoring in mechanical control systems),he became a freelance illustrator.
Later,he established the Tenjin Studio Ltd.,where he began workjng on plastic model box art , software and DVD cover art and illustrations, etc.-the most well know being in the Hasegawa "Macross" series, the Bandai MG "GUNDAM" series,the Konami "GRSDIUS V",etc.
He also did the animation work on the "Macross Zero","Genesis of AQUARION",and on the "Gundam EVOLVE".
Content of collection
Newly Drawing  New Big Poster  Hasegawa Plastic Model Boxes  Macross GE card
Macross PLUS GAMEEdition SDF Macross DVD Box MacrossPLUS DVD Box Macross calendar
Personal study MacrossZeroCGbook 3D_Textures SpecialEffects Spitfire Kawamori's interview
The author's explanation comment is collected to most works excluding CGbook and the texture.
        (c)1982,1984,1994,1999,2002 ビックウエスト

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